IHG Business Rewards Microsite

IHG Business Rewards Microsite

The Opportunity

In the competitive hotel marketing landscape, making the most of every opportunity can be the key to success. IHG wanted to do just that for IHG Business Rewards, a relatively new loyalty scheme that’s been extremely successful in attracting meeting and event bookers.

The Solution

We created a simple, charming interactive microsite in eleven languages to celebrate Business Rewards’ 1st Birthday. The microsite engaged members by thanking them for their loyalty, raising awareness of the rewards programme and IHG itself, and inviting them to light the sparkler in the cake; this then sparkled brightly before revealing a prize, an engaging attractive effect that raised a smile – and a welcome bonus of reward points.

The Result

A highly effective microsite that generated well over 40,000 unique visits during the first week, making a very happy birthday for IHG Business Rewards.


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